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3 stories for kids + free

The important plan of the warrior boy story



The tired and wounded warrior boy returned from the battlefield! He had won all the battles, and it felt good that his boss, Milan, was pleased with him. But it was a long time since that warrior boy had been happy! He was upset that he had to fight with his friends. He hated fighting and beating and was tired of fighting. The warrior boy wanted everything to be like before. That’s why he thought to draw a plan. The warrior boy thought until morning. He lived in a computer game.

The warrior boy waited until the lights on the battlefield turned on, and the image of boss Milan fell on the iPad screen. He wanted to press the start button; the warrior boy turned on his walkie-talkie and said:
Hello Milan! Hello! Milan?!

Milan looked around in surprise but did not see anyone! The warrior boy waved his hand and said in a louder voice:
Mr. boss! I’m here! Look! Here on the battlefield!

Milan looked at his iPad screen with surprise and said:
Wow! Warrior boy! Is this you? Can you talk?

The warrior boy answered:
Obviously, I can! Mr. boss, please do not press the button. Do not start the war! Please!

And then he secretly hit the crying button and started to shed tears to satisfy Milan!

Milan said:
Why? Other fighters are gonna come, and they may bother you!

The warrior boy showed the table full of food, cakes, chocolates, and balloons to Milan and said:
Do not worry! I want to have a birthday party like before!

Milan laughed and said:
So what should I do now?

The warrior boy said:
You have to set off a firework so that all the fighters come here!

Milan hit the fireworks button and made the sky shine with colorful lights. Little by little, all the fighters arrived at the battlefield with surprise. The girl in the red cloak said:
Hey! what’s up here? Is it a field of struggle or a field of the party?

The fighting giant roared:
Warrior boy! Do you want to fight with cake and chocolate?

And then everyone laughed!



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The cherry tree story


One summer day, when Hannah was playing in her room, her father came home with a car full of cherries! That year, the cherry tree in their garden was full, and Hana’s father’s car was full of sweet and delicious cherries! The car was so full that when Hana’s father opened the door, several ripe sweet cherries slipped and fell into the yard!

Hana’s parents took the cherries out of the car and put them in the refrigerator! They put the rest of the cherry boxes in the middle of the house to make them think!
Hana, who was quite excited, took one of the tents with her to her room and sat in front of it! Hannah thought to herself:
What can be done with all these cherries?

First, she decided to build a big house by putting cherries together on the room floor! Hana put up a door, window, and chimney for her home sat in the middle, and started playing! Tired of that game, she slept on the floor and put cherries around her body!

When she got up, she saw that the shape of his body was fixed on the floor of the room! Then she took two cherries and put them in her eyes.

Hana’s parents were so busy with cherries that they forgot to cook lunch! But Hana washed a plate of cherries and ate instead of lunch! When she was full of cherries, she took two of them and made earrings for himself! Looking at herself in the mirror, she realized she was more beautiful than ever with those cherry earrings!

While Hana was running around the room with her red earrings, her eyes fell on the shrub by the window, and an idea came to her mind! She brought the cherries and hung a cherry from each tree’s leaves! The tree was so beautiful that Hannah brought the camera to take a picture of it.

Hana’s parents didn’t have a plan for those cherries yet, so Hana separated them into bunches and started practicing math with them!
When all her math exercises were over, he brought some bowls and poured the cherries into them! Then she took two of the bowls to her parents so they could eat some cherries too!

Seeing the bowls in Hana’s hands, Hana’s parents had an idea! They decided to share the cherries among the neighbors! In this way, more people enjoyed the taste of those cherries, and they didn’t have to put all those cherries in their small fridge!

Hannah and her parents went to the street and distributed sweet cherries to everyone! The neighbors were excited to see those sweet and juicy cherries! Soon all the neighbors went home and started eating delicious cherries!

When Hannah and her parents were resting in the afternoon, the neighbors came one by one to return the bowls! Each of them had put something in the bowl as a thank you. From chocolate sweets to apples and apricots and many other delicious foods!


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Playful suitcases story


In the airport’s baggage area, two small suitcases felt strange and lonely. One was red, and two unicorn stickers were stuck on it! The one was green and had a picture of a strawberry on it. When the flight attendants put the luggage in the luggage-carrying cars, they put the red and green luggage together in the same car.

When the agents moved the luggage from the car to the cargo area of ​​the plane, due to bad luck, the red and green luggage fell between the other bags, and some heavy luggage fell on them.
The red suitcase, who was boarding the plane for the first time, started shouting and moaning, but the green suitcase, who was always traveling, said:
Wait! do not be afraid! The luggage shakes when the plane takes off, and we get out from under it.

The plane took off, and some of the suitcases slipped and went away, but there were still two suitcases left, the green suitcase and the red suitcase. One is black and heavy, and one is a beautiful crimson color that was a little old. That’s why the green suitcase and the red suitcase started shouting:
Oh, you! Help! We are getting crushed under this! Someone help us!

The black suitcase said in a loud voice:
Why are you making so much noise? Wait a minute! We are coming now!

But the crimson suitcase said in a kind voice:
Well, these poor things are bothered! We have to help them!!

And then he moved so that the small suitcases could come out!

Black Suitcase said:
What do you think is inside these suitcases? Did you think they were carrying something important? Nope! Some funny toys that children play with!

And then laughed! The other luggage laughed.

The red suitcase was embarrassed and kept quiet, but the green suitcase said:
We are indeed small and dressed like children, but like you, we are moving important things!

Black Suitcase said:
Yeah! like a doll?!

And then laughed!

Green Suitcase said:
It’s not funny at all! We should not mock the things in other luggage!

The red suitcase was also happy, and some of the other suitcases cheered for the green suitcase, but the black suitcase looked at them with a frown.

When getting off, the black suitcase kicked the green suitcase and the red suitcase with his back and went before them and sat in the car.

The green suitcase, whose body was in pain, looked at the shadow suitcase angrily! But the red suitcase said:
Leave him! Let it go! We will go in the next car!
But then they realized that something had happened! The green suitcase was opened! Green Suitcase said:
Oh my God! Now my things are falling on the ground!

The red suitcase said:
Do not be afraid! I will help you close your lock now!

The red suitcase hit the green suitcase’s lock with its handle! But the door of the green suitcase opened more, and his things spilled out!

The green suitcase was embarrassed! Because he had three toys, a furry elephant and three teddy bears of different sizes. In addition to a series of small kitchen items for playing!
The red suitcase said:
Don’t be ashamed at all!

Then he jumped up and down several times until the lock was opened! The green suitcase stared at the red suitcase’s belongings, and they both started laughing! There was nothing in the red suitcase but three furry dolls, some puzzles and two




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Cooling tower selection guide

A cooling tower is a device that uses water to cool air or to take heat away from industrial equipment. A cooling tower is used to reduce the temperature of water, oil, acid, or any other fluid with a high specific heat capacity. According to how it works and what the body and parts are made of, this system is one of the most important pieces of equipment in air conditioning.

How do cooling towers work?

The cooling tower consists of equipment with galvanized, wooden, concrete, and fiberglass bodies, sometimes individually and sometimes together with chillers, and with a variety of divisions including round, circular, and cubic, wet and dry, closed circuit, and open hybrid circuit, counterflow, crossflow, natural flow, and mechanical flow.

In short, the purpose of using this system is to cool the water.

In industrial applications, cooling towers are used to cool water and cool air. In fact, its performance is similar to that of a water cooler. The water cooler by spraying water increases the air humidity and reduces the dry air temperature in summer. This system also causes a small part of the water to evaporate by spraying water and contacting the air, thus reducing the temperature of the water.

At this stage, at the same time as the water passes through the surface of the packing media, it comes into contact with the air, and part of the main water flow evaporates and enters the air.


In this way, the water entering the tower loses its temperature by passing through the packing of the cooling tower and surface evaporation (a heat-generating process) and enters the basin of the cooling tower with a temperature close to the wet temperature of the environment. Water moves through piping to cool systems that are overheated due to work, and water as a process fluid, being in the vicinity of these devices takes the excess heat of the equipment and moves to the cooling tower again.

As with what happened above, the cooling tower repeats itself until the employer either reaches a certain level of temperature or, in air conditioning systems, until 29 degrees Celsius is reached by the desired air and enters the chillers and fan coils.

History of cooling tower use

Over time, cooling systems have been designed and produced in various types, and the final system of this device has undergone many changes. The first generation of this device was officially introduced after the Great French Revolution as an atmospheric cooling tower or a man-made tower. These systems generally cooled the water by spraying the natural flow of water on the wood.


After a series of general changes, these systems were changed to concrete and large hyperbolic structures with a blower ventilation system were used under the name of concrete cooling towers. Due to the high construction costs, this model of the next generation was introduced under the name of galvanized towers.

  • The body of this device was made of a hot galvanized sheet.
  • The aeration system of this model was in the form of a centrifuge.
  • They also had high energy consumption and production noise.


Due to deposition and corrosion and hard maintenance of the galvanized model, this model became obsolete like its competitors. So now very few manufacturers produce this model. The latest generation of this equipment is a fiberglass cooling tower with very low consumption and low noise axial fan system. If this model of cooling tower is produced and designed according to international standards, it will no longer have any of the limitations of the previous types of towers. The design of cooling towers has changed over time.

Cooling tower parts

Each cooling tower has parts and equipment that affect its correct operation and high efficiency. A cooling tower can work well and perform cooling operations with the help of its internal parts and components, and this equipment is different in each type and model of the tower. These parts are selected and installed on the tower based on the type of tower, its performance, its capacity, its installation location, and the customer’s budget.

most important cooling tower equipment:

  • Body: The body is actually the supporting structure of all internal and external equipment. The body of the cooling tower consists of different parts. The body of the cooling tower causes the movement of airflow flow and the contact of the air with the water, and it supports the overall cover of the tower.
  • Inner and lower skeleton or structure: This section is actually designed and used to strengthen the final strength of the cooling tower. In the lower part of the tower, a series of studs are used to divide and distribute the load on the foundation.
  • Shaft: The shaft is responsible for transmitting power from the engine to the gearbox and is a pivot. This piece is generally made of steel or composite and is highly resistant to corrosion and breakage.
  • Cooling tower fan or propeller: which with the rotation and power it takes from the electric motor causes the airflow to flow inside the tower. The fan is one of the main equipment of the cooling tower, which should be light and resistant to stress and hardness. Its material is usually made of steel, aluminum, plastic, fiberglass, and polyamide. The cooling tower fan is responsible for directing the air into the cooling tower.
  • Fan stack: This has the role of guiding the airflow path and acts like a chimney that is placed in the upper part and gives the order to the outgoing air.
  • Coil: Water from the system enters these coils and they give their heat to the cooling tower, which is sprayed on them by a water nozzle to cool them down. Because copper is a very strong conductor, coils are usually made of copper.
  • Nozzle: It sprays the cool water in the cooling tower basin on the copper coils to take their heat and cool the hot water entering the system and turn it into cold water. The nozzle of the cooling tower, which is also called the sprinkler, is installed in the form of a thread in the water spraying system and is responsible for distributing and spreading water on the packings.
  • Speed reduction system: This part is actually installed and designed by reducing the engine output speed and transferring the engine torque to the fan.
  • Electric motor: This part is actually responsible for supplying the mechanical energy needed to rotate the fan and suck the air upwards. The engine power is generally calculated based on the volume flow rate of the tower and the diameter of the fan.
  • Air intake valve: This part is actually responsible for supplying the intake of air.
  • Cooling tower packing: The main and most important part of cooling tower parts is packing, which is also called heat exchange surfaces. This piece is responsible for increasing the heat transfer surface and thereby increasing the heat exchange rate.

Advantages of periodic service of the cooling tower and replacement of cooling tower parts

These benefits include:

  • Reducing deposits and clogging of pipes
  • Extending the life of internal parts
  • Increase system efficiency
  • Increasing the quality of outgoing water
  • Reduction of production noise and vibration
  • Reducing the temperature of the water leaving the cooling tower

Cooling tower applications

The cooling device is widely used in large industries of the country, refineries, and petrochemicals. They can also be used in the air conditioning systems of hospitals, residential, and office complexes.

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Types of cooling towers

There are different types of cooling towers that can be classified into two categories.

  • Open circuit cooling tower: An open circuit cooling tower is a system that cools water by an open cycle (in terms of mass transfer).
  • Closed circuit cooling tower: The operation of this tower is the same as the open circuit type. But with the difference is that in the open circuit cooling tower water has a direct connection with the air, but in this model, it has an indirect connection.

The price of the cooling tower

The price of the cooling tower is affected by various factors. Among the most important factors affecting the price of the cooling tower, we can point out whether the circuit is open or closed, the cooling capacity, and the material used in the construction of the body and internal equipment of the cooling tower.

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How can Buy Pubg Mobile Account with M416 Glacier?

PUBG Mobile will continue to be the top revenue-generating game in 2021. No other game can compete with its popularity owing to ongoing upgrades, new seasons, new updates, and so on.

Since 2018, PUBG Mobile games have grown in popularity. Although there are many games like PUBG for example you can buy Clash Royale Account and also you can download any game you want from Gamestores. PUBG is the most popular because of its large playing space, high graphics quality, fighting experience, and so on.

PUBG Mobile is a top-rated battlefield game that is especially popular among teenagers. People surf the internet for free PUBG Mobile accounts with higher ranks, free UCs, Skins, BP, and so on. Remember that PUBG is not just a game you can earn money by it for example you can Buy Pubg Mobile Account For Sale or other things.

PUBG Mobile provides players with a selection of weaponry to use in their quest for life on the battlefield. PUBG Mobile has received multiple upgrades since its initial release, bringing various new gun skins to the game, including the M416 glacier, AKM golden, and ScarL beast skins. These skins may be obtained in a variety of ways, ranging from redeeming tickets to opening crates.

Why is the M416 glacier gun a one-of-a-kind weapon?

M416 glacier is a strong gun that has been improved with materials and paint. It’s a special and one-of-a-kind weapon since the player receives a kill message, a hit effect, and a one-of-a-kind treasure box.

What makes the PUBGM M416 glacier so popular?

During PUBG special events, several skins for the M416 are available. Only by purchasing UC can the user unlock the M416 skin from the spin and crates. Furthermore, several M416 skins may be upgraded.

  • THE DUMMY (M416)
  • GLACIER M416
  • M416 WANDERED, among other things.

The M416 glacier, on the other hand, is the finest rifle among all PUBG players. Let’s look at why:

The most spectacular glacier skin

You are aware that the M416 glacier is the best. In addition, acquiring the BGMI M416 Glacier Skin necessitates the use of multiple old crates. As a result, if you don’t have UC to spend, you could get it for free if you’re lucky. Glacier is a great weapon that may be gotten for free by employing a few simple approaches and tactics.

A lovely treasure bundle

Increase your M416 glacier’s level to 7. To improve the maximum M416 glacier, more than 50000 UC are necessary. When your M416 glacier reaches level 7, it will create a special treasure box by killing the opponent with it. Furthermore, the design of the glacial treasure box much outperforms that of other upgradable weaponry in PUBG Mobile. Other upgradeable weapons may also offer the kill effect, elimination broadcast, and ultimate form.

An unprecedented impact effect on the M416 glacier

The impact effect of the M416 glacier is unique. When you spray the BGMI M416 Glacier Skin’s bullet on an opponent, it provides a distinct hit effect. On the enemy’s body, a white product comparable to a firework is formed. Such a desirable feature is not available on other upgradable weapons.

How can I obtain the M416 glacier skin in PUBG Mobile?

Method 1: Enter the code

There are two common techniques for obtaining weapon skins in PUBG Mobile. Similarly, to obtain the M416 skin, gamers must either redeem a unique code or unlock the game’s old crate.

Method 2: Open the traditional container

To obtain the M416 glacier skin using this technique, users must pay money to purchase UC currency in PUBG Mobile. They may also utilize traditional vouchers gained by completing accomplishments and quests in the game. Start by going to the shop>crates>classic crate and opening these crates. If you’re lucky, you’ll obtain the skin you want.

Purchase PUBG Mobile Accounts in Gamestores

There are several reasons to consider purchasing a PUBG Mobile account. Perhaps you’re just starting and want some more money or crates. Perhaps you haven’t had much luck but want to be able to boast to your friends about your very high-level Conqueror account or any other PUBG Mobile account that contains your chosen skins, cloth sets, helmets, and many other goodies only for you. It might be anything, and we accept a wide range of accounts for sale. This includes PUBG accounts with popular skins like Glacier M416, Hellfire AKM, the Pharaoh costume, and the Fool set. Whatever you’re searching for, GameStores provides you. No matter how high your expectations are, it will do its best to satisfy you. Browse through various accounts on PUBG Mobile and you’ll find what you’re looking for.

Interested in purchasing PUBG Mobile accounts? Here’s a basic overview of how to get started:

  1. Look through the available PUBG Mobile accounts and select the one that best meets your requirements in Gamestores.
  2. Make careful to read the offer’s description to ensure that everything works for you.
  3. choose and pay.
  4. Depending on the delivery period, you will receive your PUBGM account data within the time limit indicated (most of the time it is instant).
  5. Using the information provided, log in to your new account, make the required modifications, and enjoy your new PUBG Mobile account.

Are you so invested in PUBG Mobile that you have everything heaped up and are already playing on numerous accounts since your previous PUBG Mobile accounts have nothing else to do? You should think about selling PUBG accounts to supplement your income from something you currently do in your spare time. Doesn’t that sound great?

With Gamestores, you can begin selling PUBG Mobile accounts immediately. With free registration, you may try out your new job and see whether it is something you want to pursue.





How to Earn Fortnite v Bucks for Free?

In Fortnite, everyone wants to know how to obtain free V-Bucks! Why wouldn’t you want free V-Bucks, right? They’re Fortnite’s virtual money, which you can spend to purchase anything from new skins and clothes to pickaxes, wraps, emotes, and even Battle Passes. It’s comparable to how Robux (Roblox’s virtual money) may be used to buy in-game items. And, just as there are legitimate methods to obtain free Robux, there are legitimate ways to earn free V-Bucks.


It might be tough to obtain enough V-Bucks to purchase new skins or other goods for Fortnite, particularly if you don’t have a lot of money or don’t want to spend it all on Fortnite! You’ll be relieved to learn that there are methods to gain V Bucks for free.

Battle Royal World

Fortnite has three separate games: Save the World, Battle Royale, and Creative Version. Although Battle Royale is the most successful and popular of the three, many players still like the Save the World and Creative Editions. We’ll go through how to earn free V-Bucks in all three versions of the game in this article. This means you’ll receive some free money to spend on anything you need in-game, regardless of the version of the game you like to play! You’ll have to work for V-Bucks if you want them for free. You can achieve this in a variety of ways, thankfully.

Free V Bucks Through the Free Pass and Battle Pass

You may earn V-Bucks by participating in the Free Pass and Battle Pass events. The Free Pass and the Battle Pass are available to players each season, with the Battle Pass being the more expensive option.

You will be able to collect V-Bucks as you go through the levels of the Battle Pass if you purchase both passes. Those unfamiliar with Fortnite Battle Royale will be interested to know that the Battle Pass is a prominent commodity in the game. It provides you with the opportunity to earn not just V-Bucks, but also other items such as in-game cosmetics.

Login To Earn V-Bucks in Save the World

Save the World provides a handful of different methods for players to earn free Fortnite v bucks just by participating in the game. Logging in is one method to earn V-Bucks, and it’s free. With each day that you check in, you’ll earn prizes. You may also receive a modest amount of V-Bucks, which may pile up over time if you keep logging in. Although it is not the most expedient method of earning them, it is still worthwhile.

Complete Quests in Save the World

In the Save the World Version of Fortnite, another way to earn money to spend on Fortnite is to just participate in the game. To earn V-Bucks, you must complete missions such as various daily tasks and Storm Shield Defense Missions, which are available in the game. Additionally, when you finish certain tasks, you may be rewarded with V-Bucks.

Idle Empire

Idle Empire is a fantastic gaming website that you should check out. It’s a rewards site for gamers – thus, it’s similar to Swagbucks, except that it’s just focused on gaming and not other activities. Tasks may be completed on the site in exchange for free skins and games as well as free cryptocurrencies and, as you may have guessed, free V Bucks. There are several duties for which you might get compensated, including:

  • Doing Surveys
  • Watching Videos
  • Watching Ads
  • Playing Games
  • Completing Offers

Microsoft Rewards

One of the most common methods for gamers to get free money to spend in-game is to sign up for the Microsoft Rewards program. As you may have guessed from the name, it’s a Microsoft rewards program that pays you for doing simple things by awarding you points.

It is possible to earn V Bucks for free by browsing the internet using Bing or Microsoft Edge (there is a limit to the amount of searches you can do in a day), completing quizzes, and learning about topics online such as events, national parks, and history.


This is one of the greatest online reward programs in the World, and it is legitimate. It compensates you for doing very easy activities on the internet. In fact, many Swagbucks users consider the money they earn to be “free money.” The most common method to earn money on Swagbucks is to participate in easy survey questions, which reward you with free Swagbucks points.

You may, however, earn money by doing basic chores such as viewing videos, playing games, and buying online, among others. Each of these activities is straightforward, and some of them are even something you may perform on a regular basis if you want. You may spend the money you earn here to purchase V Bucks, which are virtual currency.

The points collected may also be redeemed for gift cards that can be used at a variety of retailers, including Amazon, iTunes, Google Play, the Xbox Store, and the PlayStation Store. In other words, you may utilize the money to get free V Bucks vouchers for your Fortnite games on the PlayStation 4.



Freeward is a legitimate reward network that allows you to earn free Fortnite v bucks in exchange for participating in easy and enjoyable tasks. The minimum withdrawal amount is $5, and you may also pick from a variety of different incentives. Obtaining free Fortnite v bucks is as simple as following the instructions outlined below:

  • Go to the registration page to sign up for Freeward for free. You may register using your Facebook or Google accounts to save time, or you can register with your email address if that is more convenient for you
  • After you’ve signed up, you’ll be able to earn money by participating in a variety of activities. Surveys, games, and application testing, as well as watching entertaining clips and subscribing to other services, are all possibilities. Alternatively, by introducing your friends, you may earn a commission on their earnings. There are different ways to generate money on this site; as a result, you may choose the most appropriate one

After you’ve acquired enough coins ($5 or 5000 coins), you may exchange them for free Fortnite v bucks. This credit will be sent to you as soon as feasible. Aside from that, there are various more a

Navy commander: Iranian Navy’s drone fleet formed to maintain maritime security

Tehran (IP) – Chief Commander of the Iranian Navy says that the Navy’s drone fleet has been formed to increase intelligence dominance and maintain the security of shipping routes beyond Iran’s water borders.

Iran PressIran News: In an exclusive interview with Iran Press News Agency regarding the operation of the first drone fleet of the Iranian Navy unveiled last week, Rear Admiral Shahram Irani stated: “The armed forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran  have had made significant growth in the field of drones and upgrading them relying on their own capabilities; therefore, the Navy of the Islamic Republic of Iran has utilized its capabalities  in the field of floating platforms on and under the surface in sea and created a fleet using a special group of vessels with a variety of capabilities, which was actually a new design in the world.

Rear Admiral Irani stated: “Considering that the Iranian Navy is located almost two thousand and 200 kilometers away from the water borders of the country in order to help maintain maritime security, the preliminary stages of the unveiling of the drone carrier fleet have been completed during an operational plan with an aim to increase the operational radius and mastery of information.

About the solutions to deal with pirates in the Gulf of Aden, the Red Sea and the North Indian Ocean by Iran and other countries, the Chief Commander of the Iranian Navy stated: “A working group consisting of the commanders of the naval forces of the countries bordering the Indian Ocean, called IONS (The Indian Ocean Naval Symposium), was formed with the main focus on establishing sea security and maritime safety.

He further stated that another area of IONS’ activity is to carry out humanitarian measures in the face of natural disasters in the seas, adding: “The Islamic Republic of Iran is present in both committees, focusing on maritime security in the northern Indian Ocean, the Gulf of Aden and the Red Sea.”

Regarding the opening time and operation of the maritime security center, the Chief Commander of the Iranian Navy said: “The international security center in Chabahar port and Makran Coast will start its operation soon.

Rear Admiral Irani stated that the center will host the representatives of IONS on a permanent and temporary basis, pointing out: “The maritime security center in Chabahar will be connected with all the security centers and countries bordering the Indian Ocean and even maritime security centers outside this area (Indian Ocean) such as Singapore and Malaysia to create a maritime security and safety belt.

About the effect of the activities of the maritime security center on establishing the security of the Oman Sea and the northern Indian Ocean, the Chief Commander of the Iranian Navy said: “Countering security threats including piracy and various types of smuggling and exchanging information between group members to predict and deal with upcoming threats include the main axes of the activity done by the maritime security center.Rear Admiral Irani emphasized: “The start of activity by the maritime security center will bring prosperity in the social and economic dimensions in the region, which will definitely not be pleasant for some non-regional countries because they seek to create an economic challenge for the regional countries.


He went on to explain the advantages of the indigenous “Eagle Eye” radar of the Navy compared to the foreign type and its use in the Maritime Security Center, highlighting: “The biggest advantage of the Eagle Eye radar is that it was built by Iranian youth and the post-war generation, which is completely up-to-date in terms of technology and the science.

The Chief Commander of the Iranian Navy said the reason for naming this radar as “Eagle Eye” is its 360-degree coverage, which can monitor a large number of vessels at a moment’s notice, and it will be used in the Maritime Security Center as well.

Regarding the unveiling of the latest achievements of the Iranian Navy, Rear Admiral Shahram Irani said: “On various occasions, various unveilings in defense fields, especially at sea, are on the agenda, and we will provide people with the related information.

Rear Admiral Shahram Irani concluded: “The Iranian nation want to improve the country’s power, especially in the field of defense, by the youth, so we all hope that Iranian youths will take step in the right track to achieve success.

All people want to improve the power of the country by the youth, especially in the field of defense. We hope that they will take a step on this path and win.


How to buy Instagram comments?

Instagram is one of the best social applications that has many users. Some people are members of this program, and today it has become the largest business place. Commenting on Instagram is one of the most important parts of Instagram. In fact, by leaving a comment, we can express our opinion on the posted article on Instagram. Instagram comments are one of the most important factors that have a great impact on attracting real audience and customers on Instagram.

Because the number of comments on Instagram shows the popularity of a page among its audience. Therefore, many people are looking for a way to increase their Instagram comments. Perhaps the easiest way to increase it is buying Instagram comments because you can buy Instagram comments at a cheap and reasonable price without spending time and money. In fact, the sale of Instagram comments is one of the other services that buy Instagram view offers to its users.

What are the benefits of buying Instagram comments?

Buying Instagram comments for a page has many benefits. For example, you can publish a post about your product on Instagram and give positive comments about the product by buying comments for that post, so every viewer will be attracted to your page and your product by seeing comments under your post. One of the most important benefits of buying comments is increasing Instagram followers.

Although you can increase your followers by buying Instagram followers, you should not ignore the attraction of real followers who are attracted to your page due to the increase of comments on your posts. Buying Instagram comments is not only related to service pages, but any spectrum can gain more progress in this popular social network by increasing their Instagram comments.

Why is important to buy Instagram comments?

-Attracting a real audience and increasing followers by viewing the high and positive comments that are included under your Instagram post.

-By buying Instagram comments, you can create more credibility and popularity with your users and other viewers.

-Logging into Explorer following the increase of comments made on your Instagram post.

-The rapid growth of the Instagram page following the popularity that has been created for the page and so on.

How to buy Instagram comments with desired text?

Maybe you have also wondered if it is possible to determine the comments you receive by yourself? The answer to this question should be yes; buying custom Instagram comments is one of the services we provide to our customers.

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 How is it possible to buy Instagram comments related to Instagram posts?

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How is it possible to buy Instagram comments with instant delivery?

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Marso Clinic;  What causes lower abdominal pain when coughing or sneezing?

The first question that comes to your mind is what is the pain in the lower abdomen?

In answer to this question, I have to tell you that lower abdominal pain in women generally refers to pain, discomfort or tightness under the navel.  In general, there are many possible causes for lower abdominal pain in women, and the right treatment depends on the right diagnosis.  When you have pain in the lower abdomen when coughing or sneezing, you can get enough information by visiting the Marso Clinic website.


 Describe lower abdominal pain from your point of view

When your doctor asks you about pain, he or she wants to know exactly where you are feeling the pain, because finding the exact area where you feel the pain is a useful indicator of the cause of the pain.  For example, pain in the lower abdomen and left side in women can be a set of things that a doctor can ask you for clues.

Your doctor will also ask you questions to describe the duration, severity, and nature of the pain.  For example, it asks you if the pain persists or stops?  Or is the pain accompanied by burning?  On the other hand, other related symptoms such as diarrhea, vomiting and urinary symptoms can help diagnose the cause of pain.


 What is the pain under the abdomen?

In answer to this question, you should know that this pain is related either to the problem of women or to the colon and bladder.

In the following, we will examine the cause of abdominal pain according to their location to make it easier for you to investigate the cause of abdominal pain.

Pain in the umbilical region

Pain in the umbilical region warns us of premature appendicitis because appendicitis pain is felt around the umbilicus in the first place and the pain may stop but gradually move to the right and you should know that this pain intensifies within 24 hours.  .

Does a stomach ulcer cause pain in the lower abdomen?

Gastric or peptic ulcer: It is the cause of nausea, indigestion, sore throat and even vomiting.

Why do older and postmenopausal women have lower abdominal pain?

Everything we have said so far about women also applies to older women.

Of course, the causes related to menstruation and fertility are removed from the list of causes, but finding the cause of abdominal pain in postmenopausal and elderly women is as important as it should be considered at other ages, and in case of abnormal pain, refer to the Marso Clinic website.  do.

Frist Iran-made robotic hand prosthesis enters mass-production

Tehran (IP) – The first Iranian robotic hand prosthesis, competitive in quality and price with the best European brands, was mass-produced by Asre Sanat Atbeen (ASA) Knowledge-Based Company.

Iran PressIran News: In a year adorned with the order of the Leader of the Revolution called “Production, Knowledge-Based and job- Creating,” Iranian knowledge-based companies are expanding the scope of their honors every day in promoting the indigenous industry based on the knowledge of powerful Iranian researchers.

On Monday, Mohammad Golestani, CEO of the knowledge-based company, announced the start of mass production of Iranian hand prostheses (artificial hands) and said: “This prosthesis, which was prototyped in 2015, after massive efforts of the company’s research group under the management of Kavian Parvaresh Baladi in the Rehabilitation Department and with the very good cooperation of the Red Crescent, has now reached mass production.”

Parvaresh referred to making this prosthesis, despite the fact that more than six decades have passed since the first-hand prostheses were constructed, the complexity of making this prosthesis had made its production monopolized by a few limited companies, mainly Western ones. He added: “Due to the lack of extensive insurance coverage for prostheses, many people have not been able to pay for foreign prostheses; but now this Iranian prosthesis has been provided to the clients 80% cheaper than the foreign samples.”

According to Parvaresh, the prosthesis made by Asre Sanat Atbeen (ASA) Knowledge-Based Company, which has a simpler technology, has been clinically tested at the Red Crescent Rehabilitation Center and has reached mass production.

Asre Sanat Atbeen (ASA) has officially started its activities in 2007 in order to improve the quantity and quality of products in the supply of medicine and health in a very specialized way. This company is the link between science and knowledge and industry in innovation, creativity, and initiative in creating new products in the country’s hospital infrastructure industries.

The company has ISO 9001, ISO 13485, and ISO 14001 Quality Management System certifications and has achieved honors such as Standard of IMED Medical Devices, Iran Industry Chamber Award for 2012, Iran R&D Award for 2011, and 2012 Success Award.

The products of ASA include TC Class B ultra-fast autoclave, ultra-fast autoclave, hospital autoclave, dental fast autoclave, oxygen generator, and lowering the risk of hospital waste decontamination. Prosthetics is the latest product of this company, and the researchers of the company have announced that they will soon offer a new series of dental autoclaves to the country’s medical community.

Tehran Wagon Company; a few steps to self-sufficiency

Iran participates in int’l medical equipment exhibition in Moscow

۳ عنصر اصلی اغتشاشات شهریار دستگیر شدند

۳ عنصر اصلی اغتشاشات شهریار دستگیر شدند

فرمانده انتظامی غرب استان تهران از بازداشت ۳ عنصر اصلی اغتشاشات شهریار خبر داد.

– اخبار اجتماعی –

به گزارش گروه اجتماعی باشگاه خبرنگاران پویا؛ سردار محسن خانچرلی با اشاره به بازداشت عناصر اصلی اغتشاشات شهریار، درباره جزئیات این خبر اظهار کرد: در ادامه شناسایی عناصر اصلی اغتشاشات و اخلالگران نظم عمومی که با موج‌سواری بر اعتراضات مردمی درباره طرح سهمیه‌بندی بنزین، اقدام به تخریب و آتش زدن سازمان‌یافته اموال، اماکن عمومی و دولتی و تعرض به جان و مال مردم کردند، روز گذشته در یک عملیات پیچیده اطلاعاتی و پلیسی سه آشوب‌طلب دیگر شناسایی و دستگیر شدند. Continue reading ۳ عنصر اصلی اغتشاشات شهریار دستگیر شدند

کایرین ۱۰۲۰ انتظار می‌رود ۵۰ درصد نسبت به نسل قبل بهتر عمل کند

کایرین ۱۰۲۰ انتظار می‌رود ۵۰ درصد نسبت به نسل قبل بهتر عمل کند

زمان زیادی از معرفی تراشه کایرین ۹۹۰ نمی‌گذرد، اما شایعاتی در مورد نسل بعد تراشه‌ اختصاصی هواوی یعنی کایرین ۱۰۲۰ به گوش می‌رسد که نشان از بهبود قابل توجه عملکرد آن در مقایسه با نسل قبل دارد.
Continue reading کایرین ۱۰۲۰ انتظار می‌رود ۵۰ درصد نسبت به نسل قبل بهتر عمل کند